Saturday, September 26, 2015

For sale again: SAGA C&C warbands, dice and rulebook etc.


Around a month I sold all my SAGA Crescent and Cross stuff. Unfortunately the postal service mishandled the package (I am running a dispute claim with them) and when the buyer opened the package he found most of the minis damaged. He therefore decided to go back on the deal since this was not what he paid for. He has gotten his money back and I have gotten the minis back - no bad feelings towards him at all.

I have spent a lot of time repairing (a new arm and weapon here and there) and repainted all those who were in need of it. 6 Arab spearmen/archers were too badly damaged so I was unable to repair them.

So once again I am looking to sell this. The quality of the minis are unchanged as the photos (taken today) will show.

I have painted them all myself and believe the painting standard is very good.

All in all I am looking for £200 + shipment (EU is £30). If you live in Denmark I will perhaps be able to deliver it myself.

Here is what I have:

Game Rules
SAGA The Crescent and the Cross rulebook
6 Battle Boards for the 6 factions + Quick Reference Sheet
8 Islamic SAGA Dice
8 Christian SAGA Dice
Counters/markers for Fatigue and for the Mutatawwia and Milities Christi warbands

Templar Knights warband
12 Mounted Templar Knights (Fireforge box set)
12 Mounted Sergeants (Fireforge box set)
24 Templar Infantry: 12 crossbowmen and 12 infantry (Fireforge box set)
1 Mounted Warlord (metal) (Gripping Beast)
- all have shield and other transfers from Little Big Men and all mounted have chest crosses from Black Flag.

Arab warband
4 Mounted Camel Riders (metal) (Gripping Beast)
4 Mounted Riders (metal) (Gripping Beast)
8 Warriors (metal) (Gripping Beast)
34 Arab bowmen and spearmen: 21 spearmen/swordmen and 12 bowmen (Gripping Beast box set)
1 Warlord (metal) (Gripping Beast)
- all have shield transfers from Little Big Men


The terrain I have made is also available, so if anyone is interested in that let me know. The terrain is all scratch built and mounted on 3 mm MDF.

Price for the terrain: £30 + shipment (EU is £30).

For anyone reading this, please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Empire of the Dead: AAR Entrapment

Empire of the Dead was on the menu as my friend Michael popped around for a game. During the last couple of months we have played a sort of campaign where each of us have 3 factions each and each of us then draw a small card with the name of one of the faction on it. This means that it is completely random who will battle against another.

The draw yesterday meant that the Brotherhood of the Sacred Flame (Holy Order) were pitted against K Division Limehouse (Supernatural Branch). For scenario we rolled Entrapment and Michael, who played K Division decided that he would be the attacker, thus he would attempt to make it across the board.

This was the first time that my London Docks board was used in the 4x4 size, and I am very pleased with how it looks.

The first couple of rounds were spent getting into good positions. At the center of the board a huge building dominated and I was unsure which way around it the peelers would attempt to go, so I had to cover both ways. My Knight Marshal and a brother armed with a hunting rifle had started on one of the piers, but were moved into a position so that they could cover the left flank.

At the beginning of round 3 we had gotten into positions where pistols were becoming useful and charging a possibility. The action was centred on two areas, on the left flank and right flank. Some woeful shooting from both sides meant that melee combat especially on the left flank was becoming decisive.

On the left flank my Knight Marshal was struck down by the Police Sergeant, and the Detective Inspector killed my hunting rifle armed brother. I was doing better on the right flank, were a shot was fired on an unhinged Firearms Constable, who promptly fled the action and left the board. One of my brothers with a heavy pistol managed to shoot another constable.

In round 4 my Deacon charged the Detective Inspector, meaning that three melee combats were being fought and both of us thus only had 1 figure each to move. We both chose to shoot, but neither could get a Remove from Play result. In the combat phase, my Deacon won the combat against the Detective Inspector, removing a wound and putting him on Down. The Police Sergeant then killed another brother. The third combat was indecisive.

Round 5 started with Michael having to roll for his Detective Inspector to see whether he would recover or die from his Down. He rolled a 5 and he therefore stayed Down. With both of us now having lost 3 figures Bravado checks were needed. Here the dice let me down and my Deacon and a brother fled, while Michael had his remaining Firearms Constable flee as well. This meant that there was only 3 figures left on the table and in the combat phase my remaining brother managed to win against the Police Constable.

The last round of the game saw my brother and the Detective Inspector engage in melee, with the DI ending victorious. Despite me losing my last figure, it still ended up a draw as K Division was unable to get 75% of their men to the other side of the board.

It was a highly enjoyable game, where the tides were turned several times.

Most of the pictures I took turned out to be to bad in quality, so I have only included a handful.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1812 - Retreat from Moscow pictures

Played a small introductory game of 1812 - Retreat from Moscow Monday evening. Before my friend Frank arrived I had a chance to set up the table and get all of my minis on it, so that I could grab some pictures of them in "the right environment".

Since I last played I have been making a couple of hills and a modular river with small bridges. I have also cut up the board so that I have six 2x2 pieces meaning that the two pieces with the hills can have their position altered from game to game.

The game itself was not really interesting as we played a very small list, so that Frank could see the mechanics of the game.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Empire of the Dead: 221B Alliance

Bought these from Simon Quinton a little over a month ago. I am a massive fan of the classical Sherlock Holmes and was therefore keen to add the 221B Alliance to my collection.

The minis are wonderful, my favourite being Mycroft Holmes. Andy Cooper has really managed to capture the laziness of the character.

I have not painted Queen Victoria, as I don't really anticipate using her in this faction. But since I already have John Brown she will be painted at some point.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Empire of the Dead: Gentlemen and Agents of Destiny

Some weeks ago Simon Quinton (Brummie) sold of his Empire of the Dead collection, and I was lucky to get hold of some of the blisters, the 221B Alliance box and some kickstarter exclusives.

I have finally had the time to paint them up over the past three evenings. Once again the minis paint up very nicely, they have the right amount of details.

The 221B Alliance minis will be a separate post.

Tom Gaunt





 Jade Dragon

The Phantom

Professor Eramus


 Burke and Hare

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