Monday, December 17, 2018

SALE: Bolt Action Hungarians


Selling my Hungarians from Great Escape Games.

The army consists of 40 metal miniatures and 3 vehicles. The vehicles are resin and the Csaba and Zrinyi II are from Mad Bob, and the T38 is from Blitzkrieg Miniatures.

The miniatures and vehicles are very well painted and all based on 25mm plastic bases.

For Bolt Action the army consists of: 

- HQ med officer + 1 rifleman

- Medic

- 29 Infantry, incl. 4 lmg, 4 smg, 4 panzerfaust

- Sniper Team

- Light Mortar Team

- PaK 38 med 4 crew

- Csaba

- Zrinyi II

- T38

I am looking to get £300 + postage (£15 most likely)

Friday, November 23, 2018

Jungle terrain

SALE: Sarissa MDF Far East terrain

Selling my Sarissa Far East buildings. All buildings have been drybrushed with severals layers of different browns. The roofs have been thatched.

The lot costs £97.50 in retail.

Looking for £140. Postage will be £15.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

SALE: Vietnam War minis

Have come to the conclusion that I will never get around to using my collection of Vietnam War minis, so I am looking to sell.

The collection consists of the following:
- 44 US
- 51 VC
- 10 NVA
- 10 Civilians (Westwind miniatures)
- 10 Civilians unpainted (Westwind miniatures)
- 20 Montgnards unpainted (Westwind miniatures)
- 1 Huey Hog (Revell)

All are based on 25mm washers, except the team weapons. The minis are painted to a high standard by myself and have never been used.

Looking for £350 for the entire collection. They will be shipped from Denmark and the postage will be around £15 for EU and most of the rest of the world.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Horse and Musket: Retreat from Moscow

Yesterday my friend Michael and I had a quick game of FfoL: Horse and Musket. This time the setting had changed to the cold steppes of Russia, and the retreat of the Grande Armée from Moscow.

The scenario was an adaption of the "On the Way to Richmond" Mostly Monthly Scenario. In this adaptation the French had descended on a farm and was trying to secure supplies and burn down the farm to prevent the pursuing Russians from finding supplies and shelter. I played the French and Michael the Russians. Our forces would be made from 20 pts.

French deployment was in the farm and the Russians deployed in a forest. The French lead by Capt. Le Grand decided to split their force in two. One would take care of getting the supplies and setting fire to the buildings, while the other would attempt to keep the Russians at a distance. Le Grand, Old Guard Auclair and his two sharpshooters the Portuguese Castel and Polish Poniak moved towards the opening in the fence surrounding the farm. It did not take long before the musketry of the Russian Jaegers started to close in on Le Grand and his men. Meanwhile the three remaining Frenchmen each entered a building to search for supplies.

Disaster struck the French when Capt. Le Grand was hit by a Russian Jaeger shot and fell down lifeless. Castel was rather shaken by this and spent the next long time trying to come to grips with losing the captain and retreating further into the farm yard. Both Auclair and Poniak could also not make their musketry count and the Russians moved forward along the edges of the fencing surrounding the fields. The other French group was quick to find supplies and two of them also managed to set their buildings on fire. Now the task was to get away.

Russian advance had been swift and they were on the outskirts of the farm. Shots still rang into the farm and the French were having a hard time getting away. The Pole Poniak was then assaulted by a Russian officer and even though the officer was pushed back from the assault Poniak was shot minutes after.

The French patrol was now down to five men when the retreating Old Guard Auclair was struck down wounded. Bravely but also stupid the fusilier Barnier charged the Russian officer who had previously killed Poniak. But the Russian was prepared and Barnier was immediately struck down. The remaining French surrendered knowing that their mission had failed.


This was another great game of Horse and Musket. We really love the mechanics of the game, and the games do not take too long, while the game does not seem to simple. Forgot to take pictures from the last three rounds or so, but here are some from our game 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Horse and Musket: Peninsular War

Had my first game of Fistful of Lead Horse and Musket yesterday. The setting was The Peninsular War. My friend Jon played a British force with Spanish support and I took control of the French.

The scenario we played had the French defending the outskirts of a larger town, while the British and their Spanish allies were tasked with attacking the town to gain a foothold.

We played the game with one of the optional rules of having single mini heroes and small groups of three (which rules wise functioned in exactly the same way as the heroes), which gave the appearance of larger forces.

This being our first game I really wanted to try out the different rules, which meant minis charging into close combat but not having enough movement etc. We quickly got the hang of the rules and had a blast with the game, we love the card mechanics and the special cards.

The game ended with a clear victory to the British, with the hero of the day being the Spanish Capt. Delgado, who twice managed to survive being wounded (Queen of Hearts making a few appearances) and swiftly defeating his opponents.

Horse and Musket did not disappoint despite me having very high expectations. Highly recommended.  

Here are some pictures from our game.