Sunday, February 16, 2014

EotD - Coaches and Carriages - finished

This weekend I succeeded in getting my bases done for my four Empire of the Dead coaches and carriages. The models themselves have been sitting on my shelf for almost a month now, moving to a new flat and pressing ahead with painting up my new Malifaux crew having taken a priority.

Now though they are finished. My initial concerns are the same as I had when I did my initial review, and I ended up filing the badly done passengers of the hansom cap out and putting green stuff inside to smooth out everything.

Both the London Omnibus and the Black Mariah still tilt a bit forward despite my attempts of trying to make the bases not to smooth.

In the end I'm pleased about the results and I'm looking forward to seeing them on the table.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EotD - Supernatural Branch

Had time the other day to take a few pictures of my finished Supernatural Branch. Despite them being depicted on back of the box as being in blue uniforms, I chose the IMHO more correct black uniform. I'm fairly happy with the result, once again Army Painter's Shade doing the job of adding good shading.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wulfen Jaeger Houndmasters

What a month January has been. Been living for almost 4 weeks in my parents house - not easy when you're 38 - because my flat was not available until the 24. Well since cooking and cleaning was not something that I needed to worry about I actually got a lot of painting done and I have been playing a lot of Malifaux as well. I finished my coaches and carriages, which look good when painted, but I still need to put them on bases. My Supernatural Branch boxed set is also finished, just need to take some pictures of them. 

For now though I have the Wulfen Jaeger Houndmasters to show you. As I have written about before I have a problem with how to base them. The rules don't cover that as the hounds and their masters are seperate models and there are no specific rules for the houndmasters. Having looked at them for a couple of weeks now, trying to figure out what to do, I decided that a 50 mm base was the answer for the models. 

50 mm is huge, but I tried with 40 mm and there was not enough room for both models.

With the models in place I thought about the rules and decided to go with a bits and pieces from the thread on that I had started regarding the rules, or lack of, for the houndmasters. I came up with the following;
The Houndmaster and Wolfhound are one model. Which have the following statistics:

Cost: 30

Move: 5 
Cbt: 4
Mk: 3
Str: 4
Fort: 4
Att: 2
Wd: 2
Brv: 4
Arc: 2

When not moving the Houndmaster has the option to shoot a one-handed weapon, but not aim. The Houndmaster can only carry weapons for one hand. When in melee combat the Wolfhound makes two attacks. They also get the following new skill;

Beasts Charge
For each round that the model is not in melee the model gets the following modifiers to Combat; +1 to Cbt and Str to the first attacks in melee.

Please leave any comments you have any regarding the rules. And of course just comments in general.