Monday, October 14, 2013

EotD - Skirmish Report - Blissful Ignorance

My second game with Chris from last Thursday. After the first game we calculated our shillings and found out what had happend to our crew members who had been removed from play. I was extremely lucking rolling Stern Stuff for all three of my members. Chris rolled a few minor injuries and he ended up being unable to field a member for this game because of injury. We then used most of our shillings to get upgrades to our heroes.

We rolled Blissful Ignorance, a scenario that I like because of the many civilians that it needs - more minis yeah! But at the same time it is a scenario that can easily be without any confrontation as the civilians normally end up being split between the two factions.

Since my table is only 3x3 you can normally get to a civilians in the first round or at the latest the second round. So after the first few rounds we had more or less divided the civilians between us. Chris started to gather his men and civilians behind the large building located on the dock and I had two constables with two civilians each, who had moved behind buildings close to the table edge.

This is where the game could have ended with us more or less sharing the shillings, but I decided that hey we need a bit of fun in the game. Chris had a membership who had moved into one of the small backyards, and I had one of my constables move up to the fence. In the next round I tried to climb the fence, which if successful would leave me with a point blank shot at the member. But of course I had to roll a 9 on the climb roll and with the fence being 2 inches tall I failed. The constable tumbled down and was prone. On Chris turn the member shot once and killed my constable. I then tried to get my DI to take revenge, but ended up losing him as well - for the fourth game in a row!

A short but ok game, not as fun as the Entrapment game, and I still think that the Blissful Ignorance scenario needs a few adjustments to make it work better.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

EotD - Skirmish Report - Entrapment

Thursday I had two games with my friend Chris. The second skirmish report will be up one of the next few days.

Chris had created a Sons of the Empire Gentlmen's Club and I pulled out my Supernatural Branch. We rolled for scenario and ended up with Entrapment, another roll and we had determined that Chris would be the ambusher.

We once again used my London Docks board, but this time I had changed the location of the buildings and terrain quite a bit. Chris set up in the two corners furthest away from the water, while my Supernatural Branch started on literally the edge of the water.

As I was the defender I had initiative for the first round. I was quickly done moving my peelers close to the building in the center, which would provide me with cover from Chris Sons of the Empire.
Chris then moved his Sons into position, one of them actually getting a shot of with his hunting rifle targeting one of my constables. The rest ended up covering quite a large area with Watch& Shoot.

Second round and I moved my peelers further up, both the DI and DS moved into the building while the constables all moved up along the canal. I decided to move the two peelers back towards the others so that Chris would be forced to move half his crew across the board. I managed to take Down a Son as well.

On Chris turn he moved half his crew across the board, while the others took a few shots on my peelers without any effect.

Third round and Chris won initiative, again none of his Sons shooting had any effect, but the second half of his crew were now in position. On my turn my DI and DS moved out and shot dead one of the Sons, and with one of the Down, I thought I was looking good. One of my peelers jumped the canal and was ready to engage the Sons VP in combat next round.

Fourth round and again Chris won initiative. He moved three of the Sons into position so that I would have no cover and managed to remove a wound on both my DI and DS. His VP charged my peeler. When it became my turn I charged with both my DI and DS towards one of Chris' members and his President. In the combat round, we exchanged blows and the VP lost a wound, while his President killed my DS. My DI killed of another of the membership.

Fifth round and surprise surprise Chris won initiative. He stared by making bravado rolls for all his Sons and succeeded with all of them, my imitial luck was changing. He then moved his remaining member, carrying a sawn-off shotgun into position so that he would be able to hit both my DI and a constable. And as has been the rule for the last few games we have played, he managed to kill of my DI. My remaining constables fired of shots but despite three aimed shots I did not wound the membership. In the combat round Chris' VP landed a blow on my constables removing him from play.

Sixth started with me making Bravado rolls for my three remaining constables. Two suceeded and one failed. At this time I conceded the game, thinking that my two constables would be without chance against his President, VP and a member.

It was a great game, where I initially looked to have the upper hand but my luck changed at a critical point.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Back again ...

So it's been over two months since my last update and in that time my life has changed significantly. Around a month ago I asked my wife for a divorce, a decision that I had thought about for a long time. She was chocked, but I had made up my mind...I do not love her anymore, so there is no point in staying together. We have a 7 year old daugther and it has of course hit her like a hammer...

I'm quite glad though that I made the decision and I know that it is the right one, since I feel a lot more happy and less stressed. But 10 years of marriage is a long time so it still feels weird now and again not having my wife around.

I have also started a new job which takes a lot of my time as well. So the two things combined have made gaming time rather limited.

We have managed to play a single session of Rippers. I based the mission on H.P.Lovecraft's "The Music of Erich Zann" - my favorite of his short stories. I had weaved a demon into it and both Zann and the storyteller had sold parts of their soul to the demon in return for fame. Eventually the players managed to locate the Rue D'Auseil through a ritual and came face to face with the demon, who of course wanted to deal with them. Despite numerous warnings, the players decided to attack the demon and his hell hounds, and the end result was total disaster. Langdale Pike and Dr. Percy Trevelyan died, while Sgt. Henry Baynes became incapacitated. The good sergeant will now have a few more dark sides for the demon to release him. Ole who plays Father Philip Green was unable to make it so his character was the only one who survived.

Some time during the late summer I also played two games of Empire of the Dead. I had taken pictures with my mobile like I normally do, but when I came home and wanted to write up a battle report, my SD card no longer functioned, so none of the photos I had taken was there. With that blow I dropped the battle reports.

Yesterday saw me returing to Empire of the Dead, two of my friends Chris and Jon were both ready to play, so we decided to try a 3 pitched battle. I feared that the game rules would not be able to support this, but I was wrong. We only made a few minor tweaks to a few rules and the two games we played went rather smoothly. In the end Chris and the Supernatural Branch won both games (Fracas) against Jon's Gentlemans Club and my Wolfen Jaegers.
Since it had been a long time since we had played, I decided to not take pictures and instead concentrated on getting the rules right.

I'm still keen to play Empire of the Dead and the Rippers RPG, so hopefully this blog will start to have some more frequent updates.