Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Broken Legions - Parthian warband

A belated Merry Christmas and a happy New Year for all of my fellow bloggers and their loved ones.

Now with that out of the way let normal service resume. Illness, birthdays and Christmas preparations have taken up must of the hobby time in December, but I did manage to finish my Parthian warband for Broken Legions.

I got these for my birthday in late October and they have been finished for a couple of weeks now, but only today I had the chance to set them up for a photo shoot.

The miniatures are all from Aventine Miniatures, except the slingers who are from Black Tree Designs. The quality of the Aventine miniatures are some of the best I have ever painted, full of detail and character.

Unlike some of my other Broken Legions warbands I have not gone for a unified similar look. Instead I have looked at many of the pictures from Osprey books and tried to use a similar colour palette.

This warband will be something different in Broken Legions with it's emphasis on cavalry. The Heroes in the warband are limited to the Parthian Prince, a Magus and a Lamassu. So far I only have the Parthian Prince, but will try and find a suitable mini for the Magus. A Lamassu mini I have found to be impossible to find.

Once I get these onto the table I think I will try to have a couple of Cataphracts and a couple of Horse Archers. The Parthian Prince will also be mounted, and the rest of the points will be spend on the Zhayedan Archers and the mandatory Sparabara.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Broken Legions - Blood Scripture

Last week Frank and I had another game of Broken Legions. This was the second game in our campaign of The Soldiers of the Eagle vs. Sons of Spartacus.

The scenario we played was a reworked Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts scenario called Mortal Shells - with my tweaking it was renamed Blood Scripture. I find that some of Frostgrave scenarios work really well in Broken Legions, and that the treasure hunting in Frostgrave is not that different to the hunting for artefacts that is at the centre of Broken Legions.

In the scenario the warbands need to get to the centre of the board and read the writings of the gods written in blood on the pillars - but the Heroes are the only ones who can read it. Normal objectives are also present, but Ghouls roam the board.

This was again a great game, where for once Frank's dice rolling was normal and not supernatural :-)
Without going into too much detail this was a close game Victory Points wise but on the kill side The Soldiers of the Eagle took another severe beating. The Two Weapon Fighter ability of the gladiators was hard of the warband and it did not help that I spread out my warband too much.

Our reworking of the campaign system meant that Frank got twice the amount of XP that I did, but I still ended up with 10XP. It basically works this way:

The warband with the most VPs gain 10XP, while the loser gets 5XP. In draws both get 7XP.

The warband which inflicted the most kills also gets 10XP, while the loser gets 5XP. In draws both get 7XP. When calculating this a henchman counts as 1 point, hero/auxilia 2 points and a leader 3 points.

This means that the most XP a warband can get is 20XP, while the least is 10XP. This insures that no warband gets to far ahead, while there is still enough of a bonus if you win.

Despite another loss for me I am enjoying the game. We have reworked a lot of small things to give us the game we want, but without it losing it's identity. We happen to do that with all our games nowadays.

Looking forward to our next game.