Friday, June 28, 2019

Indian Mutiny huts

With Indian Mutiny on the table again, I decided that I wanted to make some buildings that were suitable and very much made for the mutiny and not Sudan or the like.

Googling what was available I came across a nice Indian hut availble from Caliver Books. I decided that this would be within the scope of my ability to make. They took me two weeks work to make and was fairly easy to make.
I am very pleased at how they turned out, and how cheap they were to make.

Hopefully they will add a sense of India to the tabletop.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Indian Mutiny revisited

A couple of years ago I sold my collection of Indian Mutiny figures that I had collected for Sharp Practice. The sale was made primarily because I at the time had problems finding someone to play with, but I really liked the figures and the setting.

Since then I have been thinking about getting some of the figures again. I now have several friends who would like to play the game/setting with me. So two months ago I made a purchase from Iron Duke Miniatures and Mutineer Miniatures, which I have steadily been painting up.

The collection is not as large as my previous one, but I have already ordered some reinforcements. But here is the collection as it currently stands.