Saturday, December 9, 2017

1812 Retreat from Moscow - The Count's Tale

Last night I introduced Rune to Sharp Practice, more specific my 1812 Retreat from Moscow setting. This was the first time that I played the setting with my new minis, table, terrain and with Sharp Practice. I lined up the French, while Rune took charge of the Russians.

The table was 8x4 and we had forces amounting to roughly 85 points, so a large game.

The French led by Maj. Stepháne LeLoup had to find supplies and were acting on a tale told by a Russian count, which had convinced Le Emperor that the count's summer residence and his hunting lodges had a large quantity of supplies.

It proved to be harder for the French than anticipated as a Russian detachment led by Maj. Andrei Maximov would be arriving at the scene to try and prevent the French.

What followed was a great game, with many highlights including:

  • Cossacks charging into the rear of the French Light Cavalry, wiping them completely out.
  • The French Dismounted Cavalry replusing a charge by the Russian Hussars
  • The French Veteran Chasseurs standing firm and laying down fire on the charging Cossacks, before the Voltigeurs added more fire.
  • Three groups of Russian Jaegers trying to shoot the French Dismounted Cavalry, but despite their superior firepower did almost no damage.
In the end the Russian decided to retreat as their cavalry was more or less disabled. 

It was a fun game and a great evening in the company of Rune.

Here are some pictures from our game.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

1812 Retreat from Moscow - Both armies and board completed

When I decided to return to 1812 Retreat from Moscow, I set myself a target of getting everything completed - both armies, the board, forests and burned down buildings - before 1. December. I have some excellent buildings from Charlie Foxtrot that I am working on, but which has not been part of the plan originally.

Tuesday evening I made the deployment points for Sharp Practice, which was the last things I needed to make.

On Friday the 8th we will have a game, which I am really looking forward to.

Anyway here are some pictures of everything.

Friday, November 24, 2017

SALE: Azande and Force Publique armies


After some thought I have decided to sell two of my armies - Azande and Force Publique that I made for Death in the Dark Continent.

Both armies are painted to a high standard and are based on 2mm thick 60mm x 30mm mdf bases with the exception of the bearers for the Force Publique which are based on 25mm washers.

The miniatures are all metal from Wargames Foundry, with the exception of some of the Azande musketmen - they are from Copplestone Castings and sculpted by Mark Copplestone, who also sculpted the Wargames Foundry Azande minis. The baggage base for the Azande are exclusive Nickstarter models from North Star.

While they have been based for Death in the Dark Continent, they can easily be used for other systems. But for Death in the Dark Continent the 300 pt. armies consist of the following:

1 base - Chief, with Elite Skirmishers with breech-loaders (3 minis)
3 bases - Elite Skirmishers with breech-loaders (6 minis)
6 bases - Skirmishers with spear (12 minis)
8 bases - Elite Skirmishers with throwing knives (16 minis)
11 bases - Skirmishers with muskets (22 minis)
Baggage, here represented by the chiefs family (3 minis)

62 minis in total

- of course you can choose for some of the musket bases to represent more breech-loader armed bases.

Force Publique
1 base - Chief, with Elite Soldiers with repeaters (3  minis)
6 bases - Volunteer Askaris: Soldiers with breech-loaders (18 minis)
9 bases - Conscript Askaris: Raw Soldiers with breech-loaders (27 minis)
Baggage, here represented by 7 bearers

55 minis in total

I am looking to get £200 per army, or if someone is interested in both £350 - plus £15 postage per army.

Let me know in the comments if you're interested and how I can get in contact with you. And feel free to share this blog post.

Here are some pictures of the Force Publique: