Saturday, March 12, 2016

For sale - Frostgrave

Only the books left - looking to get £20 for them. Shipment within the EU will be £5-10.


I have made the decision to put all my Frostgrave stuff up for sale. I have only played the game twice, using some old miniatures I had lying about, so all the stuff here has not been used. The game is a lot of fun, but the setting just does not grab me.

My collection is as follows:
  • Frostgrave rulebook
  • Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign book

  • Necromancer and Apprentice (painted)
  • Witch and Apprenctice (painted)
  • Frostgrave Soldiers x 14 (painted)
  • Snow Leopard (painted) 
  • Ice Toad (primed)

  • Frostgrave Soldiers sprue - enough for 5 figures.
  • Frostgrave Cultists - still in the box
  • Lich Wizard and Apprentice
  • Lich Lord Tokens
  • Nickstarter specials: Frost Wraith, Templar, The Dark Cauldron

The minis have all been painted to a very good table top standard. The Frostgrave Soldiers have a common theme where the same 4-5 colours have been used. I feel it give a good unison feel to them and will help them stand out on a table where both players have Frostgrave Soldiers. The Wizards and Apprentices have been based on slightly bigger bases so that it is clear that they are the Wizards

My preference is to sell all in one collection and I am looking to get £100 + shipment for these (for the EU that would be around £30). The products themselves are £93 should you purchase them from Northstar Miniatures, so I am only looking to get back the money I invested in Frostgrave.

Let me know if you are interested and feel free to spread the word and share a link to this post.