Tuesday, August 3, 2021

SALE: WW2 Italian Alpini

Selling my Italian Alpini army from Great Escape Games. I have used them for the Balkan wars, but they can just as easily be used for the Eastern Front or the Western Alps.

There are 62 minis, two artillery pieces and 1 mule. The sculpts are great and they have all been painted to a very high standard.

The army consists of the following:

2 x Officer with 2 extra men each

1 x Medic with extra man

4 x Squads with 9 men, lmg and nco with smg

2 x Light Artillery with 8 men crew

1 x Sniper team

1 x Medium Mortar team

2 x Solothurn AT-rifle teams

1 x Mule team (one man/one mule (mule not from GEG))

Price: 400 Euro/£350 + shipping.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

SALE: Indian Mutiny

Selling my large 28mm Indian Mutiny collection.

The are 131 miniatures - 55 for the British and 76 Mutineers.

The miniatures are all from Iron Duke Miniatures and Mutineer Miniatures and are thus all metal.

They are painted to a very high standard and all based on 25mm washers. The collection also includes two cannons.

Price: £550 incl. worldwide shipping (untracked)

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

SALE: WW2 Italian army

Selling my huge Italian army.

All miniatures have been painted to a high standard and are based on 25mm washers except team weapons and prone figures which are based on mdf.

Here is a list of what the army consists of (collected for Bolt Action):

(all metal, all from Great Escape Games, except cavalry which are from Footsore Miniatures):

32 x Riflemen
5 x LMG teams (10 men)
4 x SMG
MMG team (3 men)
2 x Medium Mortar team (6 men)
1 x Light Mortar team (2 men)
2 x Elefantino light anti-tank gun
2 x 75/39 medium anti-tank gun
1 x Medium Howitzer
6 x Artillery crew
Flamethrower team (2 men)
Anti-tank rifle team (2 men)
Sniper team (2 men)
15 x Cavalry

87 minis in total

22 x Riflemen
5 x LMG teams (10 men)
5 x SMG

39 minis in total

(3D printed unless otherwise noted):

Truck with mmg
AB41 with two turrets
2 x Semovente 47/32 (Blitzkrieg Miniatures) (2 crew in each)
2 x L6/40 (Blitzkrieg Miniatures) (1 crew in each)
2 x M14/41
2 x L3 tankette twin mmg
Fiat scout car (Company B)
Artillery tractor (Company B)

Price: £1000 incl. Shipping worldwide (untracked)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

SALE: 28mm Ancients collection


Have a large collection of 28mm ancients figures that I want to sell. 

The infantry consists of roughly the following:

- Romans, 16 figures, and scorpion (2 crew) - £35 + postage
- Pathians, 11 figures and 7 cavalry - £35  + postage
- Egyptians, 16 figures incl. chariot (2 crew) - £35 + postage
- Dacians, 15 figures - £25 + postage
- German Barbarians, 19 figures - £30 + postage
- Roman civilans, 10 figures - £15 + postage

That is nearly 100 figures.

Figures are from Warlord (plastic and metal), Black Tree, Aventine and Westwind and more.
This is everything and more you could ever need to play ancient skirmishes. The minis have all been collected with the Broken Legions rules in mind, but can of course be used for anything you want.

Price: £160 incl. shipping worldwide (uninsured, and no Track and Trace).

Roman civilians

German Barbarians