Tuesday, August 3, 2021

SALE: WW2 Italian Alpini

Selling my Italian Alpini army from Great Escape Games. I have used them for the Balkan wars, but they can just as easily be used for the Eastern Front or the Western Alps.

There are 62 minis, two artillery pieces and 1 mule. The sculpts are great and they have all been painted to a very high standard.

The army consists of the following:

2 x Officer with 2 extra men each

1 x Medic with extra man

4 x Squads with 9 men, lmg and nco with smg

2 x Light Artillery with 8 men crew

1 x Sniper team

1 x Medium Mortar team

2 x Solothurn AT-rifle teams

1 x Mule team (one man/one mule (mule not from GEG))

Price: 400 Euro/£350 + shipping.

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