Wednesday, June 3, 2020

SALE: WW2 Italian army

Selling my huge Italian army.

All miniatures have been painted to a high standard and are based on 25mm washers except team weapons and prone figures which are based on mdf.

Here is a list of what the army consists of (collected for Bolt Action):

(all metal, all from Great Escape Games, except cavalry which are from Footsore Miniatures):

32 x Riflemen
5 x LMG teams (10 men)
4 x SMG
MMG team (3 men)
2 x Medium Mortar team (6 men)
1 x Light Mortar team (2 men)
2 x Elefantino light anti-tank gun
2 x 75/39 medium anti-tank gun
1 x Medium Howitzer
6 x Artillery crew
Flamethrower team (2 men)
Anti-tank rifle team (2 men)
Sniper team (2 men)
15 x Cavalry

87 minis in total

22 x Riflemen
5 x LMG teams (10 men)
5 x SMG

39 minis in total

(3D printed unless otherwise noted):

Truck with mmg
AB41 with two turrets
2 x Semovente 47/32 (Blitzkrieg Miniatures) (2 crew in each)
2 x L6/40 (Blitzkrieg Miniatures) (1 crew in each)
2 x M14/41
2 x L3 tankette twin mmg
Fiat scout car (Company B)
Artillery tractor (Company B)

Price: £1000 incl. Shipping worldwide (untracked)

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