Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Broken Legions - Soldiers of the Eagle

Recently finished the last minis that will make up my Soldiers of the Eagle warband for Mark Latham's upcoming game Broken Legions. The Soldiers of the Eagle is just one of the options you have as a Roman player, and is purely made up of legionary style characters.

All the miniatures with the exception of the warhounds and the scorpion are Aventine sculpts, and the really are nice. The detail is fantastic but not extreme so they paint up very nicely. The warhounds and scorpion are from Warlord Games. The two legionary operating the scorpion and a lot shorter than their Aventine counterparts, but since neither of them are standing up straight you will not really notice on the gaming board.

As you can see from the pictures there are many options for each warband, both in terms of troop types and individual weapon/armour options. And what I have made here is not even all the troop types available for the Soldiers of the Eagle.

 The entire warband

 The Centurion and his warhounds

 The Frumentarii

Praetorian guards






  1. Tremendous looking troops and plenty of options there.

  2. They look superb! Look forward to seeing them in action!