Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SALE: Post-Apocalyptic minis

Selling three warbands/factions for use in post-apocalytic games.

Two of them are my friends Chris' and one is my own.

Postage within the EU will be £5-10 depending on how many of the warbands are sold.

Kolony Ferals (Pig Iron Miniatures) - SOLD

The first ones are from Pig Iron miniatures' Kolony Feral range with Kolony Militia heads, and have been painted to an excellent tabletop standard by yours truly. They have seen very little use - three games to be precise. They are full of character and have been used as a Tribal warband for This is Not a Test.

There are 14 painted miniatures and another 3 unpainted, so 17 in total.

Price: £40

Scavengers (Copplestone Castings) - SOLD

The second are from Copplestone Castings' Future Wars, more specifically some of the Scavengers.
These are also painted by me and again I would rate them as excellent tabletop standard. Only used a couple of times in games against me.

There are 10 miniatures.

Price: £25

Gangers (Heresy Miniatures)

The final warband/faction are from Heresy Miniatures Sci-Fi range. They are all cool looking sunglass wearing miniatures full of character. They have been painted by our friend Frank and some have been altered slightly so that some of them have riot shields. I think they have been used as a Law Dogs faction for This is Not a Test.

There are 14 miniatures.

Price: £60

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