Wednesday, August 8, 2018

American Civil War - Armies for sale

I have been busy painting and it has therefore been a long time since I last posted.

I have two armies for the American Civil War that I am putting up for sale. These are freshly painted to a very good/high tabletop standard.

The minis are all Perry plastics from their different sets. Each army is identical, with the exception that the CSA has one more officer.

The armies have been made and based with Sharp Practice in mind, but can of course be used for other games. All minis are individually based on 25mm washers for infantry and 20x45mm for cavalry.

Each army consists of the following (for Sharp Practice):

  • 4 officers (1 is mounted) (CSA has 5 officers with 1 mounted)
  • 5 groups of 8 infantry
  • 2 groups of 6 skirmishers
  • 1 group of 8 cavalry
  • 1 artillery with 5 crew and 1 officer
  • 1 musician
  • 1 colours bearer

Total US army: 63 infantry + 9 cavalry
Total CS army: 64 infantry + 9 cavalry

I am looking to get £600 for both armies. Postage within the EU depends on the total weight, but if I can keep it under 2kg then it is £15. Otherwise it will be £35.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bolt Action Vietnam - Finished forces

Yesterday evening I finished painting all the minis for my Bolt Action Vietnam project. Not sure whether I have the sufficient amount of minis yet, but some games will surely be able to answer that question.

The minis are all from The Assault Group, and come at a fairly high price. I was therefore somewhat disappointed to find some of the sculpts very crude and lacking in detail - some completly missing their facial features.

The idea behind the forces is that you have your standard BA Reinforced Platoon - an HQ and two infantry squads. Both sides then have a third squad and a veteran squad. For the US this is a LRRP squad and for the Viet Cong it is a hardcore NVA squad. Rules wise the VC will have a lot of benefits that fit their guerilla fighting style - like running through the jungle, booby traps and other options for ambush. The US rely on firepower and will therefore have both the Huey helicopter at their disposal but will also be able to call in two airstrikes compared to the normal one.

As is the case with all homebrewed rules some playtesting is needed. The Bolt Action Vietnam Facebook is a great place to see what other people are doing and they have a ruleset free to download. The Full Auto article in a WSS issue about adapting BA to Vietnam is also a very good source.

Anyway onto the minis, with a couple of pictures of the jungle terrain and the Sarissa buildings that will be used with the game.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Bolt Action and Bolt Action Vietnam

Looking at my blog the other day I realised that it has been over two months since my last post.
So what have I been doing? First of all I attented the Bolt Action tournament and met a lot of really nice guys. It also confirmed to me that Bolt Action is just a very nice game, that can be played very casually.

After returning from the tournament, I finished up my Russian BA army, and made the decision to sell my Blitzkrieg Germans - the reason being that I wanted to get into Konflikt '47. I made a huge order for some Russian and German Konflikt '47 models.

My Blitzkrieg Germans were sold within a couple of days and I decided to use some of the money on a late war Waffen SS army, that I thought would be more fitting for Konflikt '47.

My friend Michael who normally does not like to play historically based squad games, was persuaded to give BA a try. And to his surprise he was hooked. So when I had finished with the Konflikt' 47 models we tried a few games with them and the Blitzkrieg Germans and Russians, but found out that the normal BA rules just play better, so for now Konflikt '47 has been scrapped.

I went to another BA tournament on June 1st and brought my friend Michael with my. May had been spent painting my Waffen SS and Michael's US Airborne, so we were eager to give them a go.
Funny thing is that I did not really like the look of my Waffen SS army. All the different camouflage patterns that I had painted made the army look very incohisive to me, and when the army itself did not play well, I decided to sell again.

The Waffen SS minis were sold quickly and this time I wanted to get an army that would both look good, cohesive, play differently than the Germans and if possible an army that would not be one that a lot of other players brought to the table. After a lot of thinking and looking at minis I made the decision to go for Hungarians - and placed an order with Great Escape Games for their newly released Hungarians and Mad Bob Miniatures for some Hungarian vehicles. Looking very much forward to painting them.

During May I also got the urge to try and make something with the Vietnam War. And then I stumbled upon an article about adapting BA for Vietnam.

Around 6 -7 years ago I owned some The Assault Group Vietnam minis and I decided to invest in some of their figures again - the others having been given away. I also placed an order with Sarissa for some of their Far East buildings. These were very easy to build and paint. I choose to add some soaked towels to the roofs to make them look more natural.

The minis will also be used for a new roleplaying campaign - Tour of Darkness - that we are starting up.

Last week I finished the Viet Cong minis, but then had to concentrate on getting some of the other minis painting for our Tour of Darkness game, before painting up the GIs and NVA minis.

I think that the BA Vietnam game will be a lot different than normal BA as there will be almost no vehicles and the VC will have some very different National Characteristic rules.

So despite the blog not being update for a long time, I have been very active hobby wise. Painting up an army for Bolt Action to a very good standard is something that I do in about a weeks time, and this has lead to some inquiries from people in the Danish gaming community about whether I can paint their army for them. This is something I like to do, as it helps finance the next project that I want to try.

Therefore if anyone like the look of the minis and would like me to paint for them let me know in the comments.