Sunday, July 30, 2023

SALE: WW2 Italian desert army


Selling my desert Italian army. Figures are all from Warlord Games, plastic and metal. 

The army is painted to a very high standard by myself. They are based on 25mm washers for all standing/kneeling infantry. Prone infantry and support weapons on other kinds of bases. 

There are also a number of vehicles in the army, these are mostly resin prints, with some exceptions, which is noted below.

The army consists of:

30 x  Bersaglieri (6 lmg, 24 rifles)

20 x Colonial infantry (2 lmg, 18 rifles)

10 x Guastatori (2 flamers, the rest carbines/pistols)

10 x Blackshirts (smgs)

3 x HQ (smgs)

2 x Medium Mortar

1 x Sniper Team

1 x Anti-tank rifle

2 x Breda 20mm autocannon

1 x Light Howitzer

in total 92 infantry


1 x Fiat Falco airplane (1/72 scale plastic)

1 x Macchi Folgore airplane (1/72 scale plastic)

2 x Trucks w/mmg (plastic print)

2 x M11/39 (resin print)

2 x Fiat 508 Coloniale staff cars (resin print)

1 x IZM armoured car (resin print)

2 x M14/41 or Semovente 75/18 (WG plastic kit, which has been magnitized so that it is easy to convent from one tank to the other)

1 x Pavesi artillery tractor (plastic print)

in total 12 vehicles

Price: €950  €800 + shipment

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

SALE: 28mm Franco-Prussian War Miniatures

Selling my 28mm Franco-Prussian War miniatures. All miniatures are metal and from Eagles of Empire. They have been painted to a very high standard and are based on 40mm bases for infantry, 30mm for leaders, and 50mm for cavalry.

They have only been used once. 

The collection consists of the following:


12 French Line Infantry + 1 leader

12 Garde Mobile + 1 leader

12 French Turcos + 1 leader

6 Cuirassiers


24 Prussian Line Infantry + 2 leaders

12 Bavarian Line Infantry + 1 leader

6 Prussian Cuirassiers

I also have an unpainted French Mitrailleuse w/ 4 crew that I will put in.

Price: £400 + shipment from Denmark

Also available are the two rulebooks for the Eagles of Empire rules and unit cards for all the above mentioned units.



Sunday, November 27, 2022

SALE: 28mm WW2 Greek Army

 Selling my Greek army, which I have played Bolt Action with for little more half a year. 

The army consists of 55 miniatures and 8 vehicles.

All miniatures are 3d resin printed by Studio Historia and are absolute top quality. They are painted to a very high quality by myself and have won Best Painted Army in a tournament earlier this year. The individual miniatures are based on 25mm washers.

The Universal Carriers are from Warlord Games, with Greek heads added to the drivers. The L3 tankette is a top quality resin print from Studio Historia, while the other four are resin prints of a high quality.

Bolt Action units:

- Headquarter with 3 men

- Medic with 2 men

- 4 x infantry squads of 9 men, 1 x lmg, 1 x rifle grenade, the rest with rifles

- MMG team on mounted platfrom

- Medium mortar team with spotter

- Sniper team

- Medium Howitzer team with spotter

- 3 x Universal Carriers with Boys AT-rifle and pintle-mounted mmg

- L3 tankette with twin mmg

- 2 x Peerless Armored car

- 2 x Vickers Light Tank

Price: £650 / EUR 750 plus postage depeding on where in the world it is shipped to.