Monday, February 23, 2015

New board project

Ever since I got back into Empire of the Dead and especially since we started our 4 man campaign I have been thinking about making a new board that I feel will have the same if not better quality as my London Docks board. The sewers board that we have been using is one of my earlier creations and the materials used are not very durable. So between games I have to make minor repairs. Moreover I am not really that keen on playing on it.

So what kind of board am I thinking about? I was going back and forth between a countryside and a train station. In the end I settled on a train station and its surroundings. More specifically a goods train station.

Using Google I found several images of Victorian train station that would serve as a inspiration. During this research I came across the perfect Empire of the Dead station - The London Necropolis Station. Wow... this was the station out of Waterloo that shipped the dead out of London to Brookwood Cemetary. Unfortunately there are not that many images of the station that was used in 1888 (the second station to serve this purpose). During the Second World War the station was destroyed.

Incredibly I managed to find a station plan of the area, which showed the different buildings and their use. Again this will serve as inspiration rather than a blueprint of the board. The reason for this is that the board would be filled with a lot of terrain on the one side, while the other would be tracks and not much else.

In the last week I have been gathering supplies:

  • HO scale railroad tracks, the ones I got are 3 feet long and flexible meaning that I can bend them to fit the layout. 
  • 0.5 cm foam board for the buildings 
  • Pink insulation foam - incredibly difficult to obtain in Denmark as it is this hard type is seldom used. I managed to find it at a local builder, who specialises in roofs.
During the weekend I have been making buildings and cutting the insulation foam, which I will use as a base for the platforms.

For my London Docks board I made roofs for all the buildings, but they are never really used. I like the look of them, but they have no use as we take them of so that we can move our minis inside the buildings. So for this project I have decided against making roofs...I hope I won't regret it.

Still a long way to go, but I'm making steady progress.


  1. I love this idea I think it will make a perfect board. But I feel you will need two locomotives and some train cars to put on the tracks they will look good and more importantly block those long fire lanes made by the tracks.

    1. Thanks Robert. I would love to find some suitable trains and carts - have not had any luck so far.

    2. Check out the English OO gauge or the American O gauge fro proper 28mm sized trains from model railroad suppliers.

  2. Fantastic idea, and a great bit of research too! It's taking shape quickly, but I guess it's the details that take up the time. Looking forward to following your progress.