Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Campaign: The Corrupt Magistrate

Today my friend Erik and I sat down to play our first Sharp Practice Peninsular War campaign game - A Skirmish at Granja de Duraznos - in the overall campaign The Corrupt Magistrate.

Before presenting a narrative for the skirmish I will present the overall campaign.

Campaign background - The Corrupt Magistrate

Magistrate Sebastián Salvador has always been one to grab a chance whenever it presents itself. His greed for gold is insatiable.

So when British spy Sir Francis Moore needed someone to spy on the activities of the French, his sources told him to approach Salvador. Sir Francis was not disappointed after meeting Salvador – this magistrate would prove a valuable asset for the spymaster.

The local population in the town of Cerezo de Oca and the nearby villages, have for years not been happy about the corrupt official. Every decision and ruling has basically been a commodity that Salvador has sold to the highest bidder.

For the population, things have become even worse with Salvador feeding the British information. They fear that this could give them problems with their French masters.

A decision has therefore been made to let the French know. The French will then arrest and convict Salvador and the population would show their loyalty.

French briefing

Colonel Guilard presented Capt. Armand Lefine with an arrest warrant for Sebastián Salvador, magistrate of Cerezo de Oca.

The corrupt official has been feeding the British information in return for gold, but has now enraged the local population so much that they have turned on one of their own.

Salvador has fled Cerezo de Oca and is believed to be hiding in the villa Casa de Condesa, the home of a local noble Lady Consuela de Peya. He may have moved since then though.

The order is straight forward; arrest Sebastián Salvador and bring him back for trial. The Lady Consuela de Peya is not to be harmed as she is very endeared by the local population.

British briefing

Sir Francis Moore, one of Lord Wellesley’s spies has persuaded the lord that one of his informants, the magistrate Sebastián Salvador is worth rescuing.

While a regular rescue party is out of the question, Capt. John Francis Willoughby commander of a small detachment of elite Rifles has been tasked to take his force into French held lands, and cause havoc and forage supplies.

Salvador has sent information that he is hiding at the residence of Lady Consuela de Peya, a large villa called Casa de Condesa or one of the outlying farms close by.

The captain's orders are clear; cause havoc and forage, to give Salvador more time to get away. Should you get close to Salvador he will send a message to you requesting assistance. You are then to take him into your care and protect him from the French.

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