Monday, September 11, 2017

Dracula's America - Crossroads Cult

Today I am showing you the minis that make up my Crossroads Cult. Therer is only three specifically created for the game; The arcanist leader, the Harbringer, and the summoned Behemoth.
The rest of the minis - the Mexicans - are from Black Scorpion Miniatures, and again size-wise they are a good fit.

I decided to keep the colours of the leader and Harbringer in red tones, so that they would match the Behemoth, and while the pictures don't really show it, the detailing is quite good.

My friend Michael has played them a few times and they are definitely the best summoners in the game, but have little else but regular gunfighters in their posse.

Here are the pictures.


  1. Very nice and proof that only a couple of figures are needed to turn other collections into Dracula's America factions.

  2. Lovely stuff. Been following your Dracula's America posts here and on FB...looking forward to getting my own painted up soon!