Friday, September 8, 2017

Dracula's America - The Congregation

Another day and another set of pictures of a posse for Dracula's America.

Today it is The Congregation - the wonderful mix of voodooist and freed slaves etc.

All of the figures are for the Dracula's America range, and they are very nice indeed, full of character and easy to paint. One negative point is that of all the miniatures there is just one carrying a pistol and three spellcasters, even though you can only have one, or two if you hire a Maverick Arcanist.

If have played 3-4 games with them and have found them lacking a bit. The Vessel is far too frail too my liking, but I will definitely give them another go later on.

To make the zombi models stand out a bitI gave them a white dry brush to make their skin look greyish. I think it works quite well.

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  1. Great looking figures, I picked up a couple of packs myself for a Haitian project but could well be tempted to pick the rules up. For once I have the figures already :-)