Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Board project - WIP 2

Been busy with my new Empire of the Dead board. The buildings have been given the first layer of paint, but a still a bit away from being finished. The board itself is however almost complete. It took me forever to get the flocking right, and I think I must have flocked it 5-6 times, but in the end I like the result.

The platforms have now gotten sets on them. For this I used the exact same materials and method as I did on my London Docks board.

Anyway here is a picture.


  1. Its looking good Kaspar. Flocking often takes a lot more work than one might expect it needs layers to look right and then varnish sprays to hold it down.

  2. Its coming along very nicely indeed dude :)

  3. Excellent work! This is looking really good already :-)