Thursday, October 13, 2016

This is Not a Test - first game

Yesterday evening my friend Chris came around the flat to try out This is Not a Test (TNT). Neither of us had played it before, so we were interested in finding out how the game played. Chris is a massive fan of the Post Apocalyptic setting and Fallout in particular, and the initial idea of trying out the game was his. I was persuaded to try it out after I had seen some of the great videos of how the game plays that Guerilla Miniature Games have made -

I went for a Tribal warband using my Pig Iron Miniatures that I had bought specifically for this game. Chris played the Caravaneers and used the excellent Copplestone miniatures.

The scenario was Cold Vengeance, which it is pointed out in the book is TNT at it's most simple. Chris loves ranged combat and I should have known that he would go for a sniper placed at a high point on the board. The sniper proved to be more deadly that all the other minis on the board combined.

The game flows very nicely, but my this initial venture into TNT and my experience of it was severely hampered by some atrocious dice rolling from me. We played 7 turns and I lost initiative in all of them. For the Activation Tests I was never able to put more than one or two activations together. This combined with the effectiveness of the sniper and Chris' use of Supressing Fire into melee (not sure if that is within the rules, but we decided afterwards that it can't be done) which got his models out of trouble against my melee focused Tribals made the game less enjoyable for me.

At the end of the game I had lost 6 out of 8 models (4 of them having been shot by the sniper).

As mentioned the game flows and I like the rules, which makes game play fast. Chris' biggest beef with the game is the jamming rules. Having a 10% chance of jamming on each shot is too much in his opinion, and I agree. This is easy to change though.

I will try the game again for sure and hope that the dice will be more fair next time.

Here are some pictures from the game.


  1. Looks great dude. I think you need to give it a couple more goes. As for weapons jamming to me its more about the guns being more unreliable at the end of the world.

  2. Looks cool! One day I have to venture into "WW Z" or Apocalyptic gaming. Naturally I have the minis in cupboard already ;-)