Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Broken Legions - Lost Treasure of the Gods AAR

Last Tuesday Frank and I continued our campaign of the Dacians vs. Soldiers of the Eagle. Our first game had ended in a draw, but when it came to how many xp the warbands had earned the SoE were at an advantage.

We added a few more models to our warband and replaced some who had died in the first game. With Frank's warband having more points he could afford to equip all of them with gladius swords thereby enabling them to all benefit from the warbands special rule. He also added a Cursed Skinchanger auxilia.

To be honest I cannot remember many of the details in the game, but once again it was a great game where the upper hand flowed back and forth. It was only in the final round that Frank managed to successfully search the last column and thereby get another two VP. This meant that instead of a 6 - 6 draw, the SoE ended up winning 8 - 6.

Here are some pictures from our game. Notice how many Romans ended up in melee with the Strigoi, who in the end was defeated. I am still looking forward to trying to playing at night which will give the Strigoi Fly and make him so much faster on the board.

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