Thursday, October 27, 2016

Broken Legions - Cult of Set warband

Back in early September I took advantage of one of Black Tree Designs frequent sales, which meant that all Ancient figures were available at a 50% discount. Looking at their selection and with the Broken Legions book in front of me, I found that their Egyptian range would be able to fill the model requirements for a Cult of Set warband.

As is apparently the norm when it comes to Black Tree Design and their sales, the figures took over a month to arrive. The figures are however very nice and full of details.

The most difficult model to find a suitable figure for is the Priest of Set leader. I figured however that I would be able to convert one of the Monk Archers from the blister.

Since red is the colour of Set, I tried to incorporate that colour onto each figure. This was also the first time I painted a chariot.

There are only two troop types that I don't have the minis for Sea Peoples Warrior and Slaves. But Northstar have some very nice Sea Peoples Warrior that I think I will get.

Here is a picture of the warband.