Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Broken Legions - Dacian warband

Having played mainly the Dacians since the Broken Legions rules were released I have found myself not entirely satisfied with the minis I had. So while I wait for my Cult of Set and Parthians minis to arrive, I decided to try and redo my Dacians.

I wanted to give the Dacian Nobles a look that set them more apart from the normal warrior, so I went back to my Dacian scrapbox to see what bits I had. I then decided to give them helmets instead of their felt caps.

This meant that I could add felt caps to some of the Warriors and the Falxmen. I also switched the torsos of some of the Falxmen so that none of them were wearing cloaks.

Finally I added a proper Standard bearer to the warband.

I like the result of what I did, so I am looking forward to getting them on the gaming table again.

 Dacian Chieftain and Strigoi

Dacian Nobles




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