Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EotD - Bedlam Brotherhood vs. Wulfen Jaegers

Had a game of Empire of the Dead with my friend Michael yesterday. This battle between the Bedlam Brotherhood and the Wulfen Jaegers was part of our campaign. In the campaign both of us have three factions and before each game we draw a small piece of paper with the faction name on it to determine who is pitted against each another.

The scenario rolled up was Entrapment, one of my favourites but also one of the hardest to win as the defender IMO. In the game the Bedlam Brotherhood(me) would try to get to the other side of the table and the Wulfen Jaegers(Michael) would try to prevent them.

Normally we play on one of my 3x3 boards, but this time we tried to play on a 4x4 which is what the rulebook recommends. I must say that the added distances that a 4x4 board provides gives a better game. Problem is that I have two 3x3 themed boards that I now need to add to.

The game started for me in the usual fashion - my opponent tries to make an almost impossible shot, which succeeds and kills on of my factions members, this time Hat Man.

As the game progressed I lost Nipper - who had a fit and went prone and then discombobulated accumulating a massive -6 modifier to his Combat Roll. Two brothers were killed by the Wulfen Jaeger leader who after a previous game has 3 atttacks! In melee I only managed to put the Jaegers on Down, but Michael then managed to roll Remove from Play in the following Maintenance Phase. So despite things looking bleak for the Bedlamites it ended up being a tight battle in the end. In the last round the Wulfen Jaeger leader killed Parson while Ninja Bob killed the Wulfen Jaeger second in command. Both of us then rolled a Bravado test which promptly made both survivors flee the battle.

Despite this I had lost the game, since none of my Bedlamites had made it across the board and Michael had in the end managed to kill more than 75% of my faction. Another loss for me, but another enjoyable game.


  1. Splendid! And, as always, fantastic table and figs!

  2. Very nice read mate! I really need to get back in the mood for this game again. The table is looking grand.