Monday, July 27, 2015

General update

Have done a lot of painting in the last couple of weeks, and so I have an update for all four of my chosen games:

1812 - Retreat from Moscow
I played another game of 1812 - Retreat from Moscow almost a fortnight ago, and as it turned out I actually won! My first victory ever in the game. I took no pictures whatsoever as I was concentrating so much. This victory inspired me to look for more options for both the French and the Russian army, and on ebay I picked up a set of 6 painted French Dragoons. Almost half a year ago I picked up some French Cuirassiers but the daunting task of painting them had put me off getting started on them. But now they are about 70% done. Still have not figured out what I should get for the Russians, but I am thinking Hussars - and as usual Perry have some nice ones. An artillery piece for each army would also be nice.

Across the Dead Earth
With almost all of the SAGA figures painted I have finally come to Across the Dead Earth miniatures. They have all been cleaned - not much needed and base coated. The look like they will paint up very easily. Been collecting some old miniature cars from booth sales as well to use as terrain, and I am still hopeful that my normal Empire of the Dead boards are usable for Across the Dead Earth.

Empire of the Dead
Bought some singles and kickstarter exclusive miniatures from Simon "Brummie" who sadly decided that he was never gonna get any more Empire of the Dead done. Simon had some fair prices and I am looking forward to getting the miniatures in the post hopefully this week. Since Michael and I have found out that EotD actually plays better on a 4x4 table I have been thinking about what to do with my two dedicated EotD boards. The solution I came up with was to make a 4x1 and 3x1 section that will fit both boards. So I will be getting back into some Gothic Horror board building again

SAGA The Crescent and the Cross
Mutatawwi'a warband, I have now finished the bases and given them a mat varnish. Once the varnish had dried I lined them up in my miniatures cubboard - it is really so nice to have this.

Uploaded my first video to YouTube of the warband, so here you go:

Two weeks of painting and I now only need to base the warlord before the Mutatawwi'a warband's adversaries the Templar Knights are finished. Pictures should be up this week.

Have also started on making terrain for SAGA The Crescent and the Cross, but besides houses I am unsure what is suitable.

Anyway updates should be flying in in the next few weeks, especially with me still having a week left of my holiday.