Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Miniature collections

A fortnight ago my girlfriend and I moved into a flat double the size of our previous one. With all the space now available we decided to make a hobby room where we could both have the available area for our hobbies - Julie like scrapping and making cards.

This means that I for the first time have enough shelf space to actually put my minis on display, so after this was done I took some pictures. Only problem is that my SAGA The Crescent and the Cross minis will be placed on a shelf roughly two meters up. I have been painting the Arab side of the Crusades and I am almost done.

Anyway here are some pictures of my two main collections - Empire of the Dead and Napoleonics 1812 - Retreat from Moscow.

 1812 - Retreat from Moscow - The Grande Armée

1812 - Retreat from Moscow - The Russians

Empire of the Dead -  Wulfen Jaegers, Zombies, Lycaons

Empire of the Dead -  Nosferatu, Detectives and Gentlemen

Empire of the Dead -  Brotherhood, Supernatural Branch, Bedlam Brotherhood

Empire of the Dead -  John Brown, Jack the Ripper, Civilians, Thugs


  1. Beautiful minis, especially the Retreat from Moscou collection in my opinion...

  2. Fabulous aren't we a show off :P Looking good mate!