Thursday, July 30, 2015

French Cuirassiers

These minis were bought via ebay before Christmas but the task of painting them always seemed too daunting for me. But as I mentioned a few posts back, me finally winning against Michael in 1812 Retreat from Moscow boosted my energy towards the project even more.

I started looking on ebay for painted models and made a bid on a set of 6 French Dragoons and another bid on 6 French Cuirassiers, but only won the Dragoons. That got me thinking that it was stupid to buy something which I already had, but still the details on these Perry plastics were so crisp and numerous that I had doubts when I put the first base coat on them.

These are without a doubt the most difficult minis I have painted, all because of the amount of detail, which I absolutely love. They took me around 4 days to paint, which amounts to some 20 hours all in all. That is far more than I normally spend on a miniature, but I got to admit that I am very pleased with the end result and can't wait to see what Michael will say when I tell him that the French now have heavy cavalry available. I am not sure about what stat line I will give them and my reading into the effectiveness of the cuirassier breastplate is so limited that I don't even know if it offers any protection.

But here are some photos of the group - comments are as usual always read and appreciated.