Monday, December 16, 2013

Warbases Hand Cart

As a daily viewer of the Gothic Horror forum on, I found a thread discussing where to get 28 mm hand carts. I was pointed in the direction of Warbases and their 28 mm hand cart that they had on sale at ebay.

I wanted some smaller terrain pieces for my London Docks board and these looked good and were fairly cheap as well.

Expedition was swift and after a week they arrived. 

I had ordered 4 since I figured a busy dock would be filled with them. I had never had any laser-cut mdf products before, but was positively surprised at how easy they were to assemble.

It took roughly 45 minutes to assemble all four carts and I think the finished product is excellent.

During the weekend I got the chance to play 3 games of Empire of the Dead, and the carts were placed on the board, adding to the general realistic look of the board. I will be posting a report of the 3 games later this week. 


  1. They're superb, I must get myself some of those!

  2. Cheap and so easy to put together, you won't regret getting them.

  3. Those do look nice all you need now is some thing to fill them up with.

  4. They look great especially when scattered about on the gaming board.