Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas presents!

Merry Christmas everyone!

This has been a different Christmas for me, the first one without my daughter and now ex-wife for 8 and 13 years respectively. I celebrated Christmas with my daughter on the 23th (us Danes celebrate and get presents on the 24th) and spent it with my parents...a lovely and relaxing evening.

Having handed over my daughter to my ex-wife the morning of the 24th, I went to my girlfriends flat. And the evening I spend with her family, who are all so nice and have really welcomed me into their family.
So when we weeks earlier had exchange wish lists, I had put some Empire of the Dead items on it, and boy did my wishes come true!

My girlfriend had gone all in and schemed with my parents and her sisters so that I would get all the items. She then recruited my friend Chris who made the order with Firestorm Games. Unfortunately the items had not arrived in time for the 24th, so she had gotten several different items and prints of the items that were still in the mail. The items then arrived yesterday, and look what she had gotten me.

 I was stunned to be honest. She really is the greatest girlfriend you can imagine and I love her so much.


Hansom Cab, London Omnibus and Gentleman's Coach 

Supernatural Branch Set 1

The Black Mariah

 Token set

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  1. Wow that's a haul! I didn't know that 3 carriages come packaged together like that. 4 carriages will fill your board rather nicely.