Monday, December 30, 2013

Brotherhood faction

Two weeks ago I finished my Brotherhood faction minis, but only yesterday I managed to take some photos of them.

The monks were a bit difficult to paint because I stink at painting white, but I love the original look of the minis, so I wanted to try a catch that look. My skills were tested even further as I had ran out out of my Army Painter Stain, that I use on 99% of all the minis I have painted for the past 3 years. I think the results are amazing and really add that little bit extra to the minis.

I did however managed to become a bit better at making my own shading and I think that my highlighting skills are better as well. It is a bit difficult to see as my lighting source when taking the pictures was from above.

For their bases I wanted something different than my usual cobblestoned bases. I found a large container of tiny decorative stones, that I thought looked exactly like the kind of gravel you found find around churches and cemetaries.

Yesterday my friend Jon and I had two games and the Brotherhood had their debut. A skirmish report will follow in the new year.


  1. They look superb, really impressive!

  2. They look good, for a really good white you want to begin with a light grey as the base. I look forward to your battle report. And Happy New Year!