Sunday, October 8, 2017

Back to 1812 Retreat from Moscow

Over the last couple of years I have sold of most of the project/armies that I have built. Usually because finding someone interested in historical skirmish games with units have been difficult. 

Of the projects sold, my 1812 Retreat from Moscow was my favorite. I find the Retreat very interesting and have read a couple of books on it. The miniatures from Perry are the most characterful and detailed I have ever owned as well. So this was something that I thought I might come back to.

Prompted by a fan created supplement for Sharp Practice 2 about Napoleon's Russis Campaign I decided to take the plunge.

SP 2 is an excellent ruleset and will work better than my own modified Muskets and Tomahawks. Most importantly though is that I have some opponents who are interested this time.

So I placed a huge order with Perry, which arrived quickly.

It took two evenings just to clean them up, and another to base them.



I have also started making 8 60x60 boards and some burned out village huts.

Friday I then started the painting, so I should have some units finished soon.

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