Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Indian Mutiny - Well-ordered Sepoys

These are the first of my Mutineer force for my Indian Mutiny project where I will be using the revamped Sharp Practice rules by Too Fat Lardies.

The best troops available for the Mutineers are the Well-ordered Sepoys, so these will form a large portion of the force as they will also help spend the points for the Mutineer side. These sepoys still bear some resemblance to a disciplined unit and the rules incorporate this.

In all there are 16 figures, 12 from Iron Duke Miniatures and 4 from Mutineer Miniatures. While they can go together in group, the Mutineer miniatures are more bulky and I must admit that I prefer the Iron Duke miniatures. The Mutineer miniatures paint up very nicely and might just be more easy to get to look good.

Overall I am very pleased with the look of these sepoys. Next up will be the Sepoy Rabble.


  1. Nicely done! The Mutiny is one of my "When I Win the Lottery" projects.

  2. Excellent job, not tried any Iron Duke Miniatures yet, but pleased to hear that they mix well together with the Mutineer Miniature4s.

  3. The Iron Duke figs really are excellent (so tempted to pick some up but I really must get my NWF figs...Saxons...and Pirates done first!) and you've done a superb job on them!

  4. Beautiful figures. The Mutineer ones are a tad taller and beefier tan the Iron Duke ones but still compatible.
    Small thing. Shouldn't the sepoy epaulettes be in the facing colour laced with white?