Thursday, June 23, 2016

Indian Mutiny - Sepoy Rabble

Unlike the Well-ordered Sepoys, these Sepoy Rabble have all but lost the ability to fight as a discipline unit. They have adopted their more traditional clothes and not much shows them to have been part of the Bengal Native Infantry. They are however a large part of the Mutineer forces in Sharp Practice.

The minis are mostly Iron Duke, with a few Mutineer Miniatures thrown in to increase numbers. I decided that the minis representing the Sepoy Rabble would not have red coats, which should make it easy to see which units are Well-ordered Sepoys and which are Sepoy Rabble.

The colour palette used is limited to different shades of white, very light blue, cream and light khaki. The hope was to make them individual in appearance while still looking like a unit.

I plan to use the minis as three units of Sepoy Rabble (remember I use half-sized units) and two units of Sepoy Skirmishers.

Next up will be the Badmashes with Big Choppers.


  1. Cracking job Kasper, I am assuming as they are 'rabble' you can field more of them in a unit?

  2. Thanks Michael. Yes these units are 10 man strong while the well-ordered are the standard 8 men.

  3. Nicely done, a fearsome mob to see coming at you.

  4. Lovely looking figures and a nice lush setting....rock work is very realistic.

    Good job Kaspar


    Happy W