Monday, February 9, 2015

Scratchbuilt farmhouse ruin

I have steadily been working through more terrain pieces for my board, but the real time robber has been me getting into my other game Empire of the Dead again - you can read about that on my other blog: London by Midnight.

Since the Russian army made use of their scortched earth tactics, I felt my board needed a ruined/burned down farm house as well. I thought that this was something that could be scratchbuilt, so I set about making it. Everything is made from cardboard and small ice cream sticks, and a few stones to simulate that the chimney has suffered as well. Everything was then painted in a brown color before I painted all edges black in the hope of giving the impresssion of it having burned down. Lastly I put some 3D Snow Effect paste that I got from a local hobby store around the piece. The result is very good IMO as it cost me almost nothing and was fairly easy to make.

Comments and feedback is as always very much appreciated.

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