Friday, February 27, 2015

EotD - Skirmish Reports - Fracas and Lost Artefact

Yesterday evening my friend Michael and I got together to play a few games of Empire of the Dead. Last week we had started our factions, Wulfen Jaegers and Nosferatu, I forgot to take any pictures for that game.

My Wulfen Jaegers won that game, so I was in a slightly better position than Michael's Nosferatu.We rolled for the scenario and got Fracas, then came the crucial roll for who would decide daylight/nighttime. I won and chose daylight.

In this game we actually used a lot of hidden movement, which was very effective. The first few rounds was very cautious from both sides with both of us making sure that none of our models were left exposed. The next few rounds we got into the action with bullets flying around and getting into combat. My Wulfen Jaegers' blunderbuss were very effective and in a single shot I killed two Thralls. The game had a climatic finish as my Vice President finally managed to stop the Nosferatu Graf's killing spree (he had killed my President and two Memberships). It is impossible to kill the Graf with his The Eternal, so I had to make sure that he was given a Down result and then hope for Remove from Play roll in the Maintenance Phase. So when Michael rolled he of course got an 8 meaning I had won the game.

In our second game we played Lost Artefact, and this time Michael won the roll for daylight/nighttime, meaning that the Graf would be an even more formidable opponent this time around.
This time around we got into the action at the beginning of the second round. My Vice President got a wound and went Down, so when I won the initiative for the third round I moved him into safety in a building. At this point the Graf was engage with my President and a Membership. Eventually I shot must of the Thralls and the Guardian fled the scene when the Nosferatu reached their breaking point. The last round was decided by the initiative roll, which I won. The Graf had killed my President, but I had lined up a Membership with a Blunderbuss ready to blast the Graf in that eventuality. He got him Discumbobulated, so he could not charge, when my Vice-President then took his shot on the Graf I rolled incredibly - three 10s in row, to see if I hit, whether I would do damage and on the Wound Effect Table - wow!!! Once again Michael rolled an 8 in the Maintenance Phase. For the second game in a row it had come down to my Vice President killing the Graf.

It was two incredible games and a lot of fun. Despite me winning both game it could have been very different, but I cannot remember when I have last won two games in a row in EotD. Come to think of it, I don't think it has ever happened. My Wulfen Jaegers were now a formidable force while the Nosferatu were in tatters. We decided that the gap between the two factions was too great and that we would start a fresh campaign the next time we would play.

Here are some pictures of our games.


  1. Nice reports. Blunderbusses FTW by the sound of it :)

    1. They can be a nightmare to play against...and fit the Wulfen Jaegers theme wise

  2. Sounds like two fun games. Three tens in a row! I can only dream of such things :-)

  3. You've been waiting to play the WolfenJagers fro so long now I'm glad you like them so much. Personally I would have liked to try a 3rd game just to see if the Nosferatu came back and won the third game. Next time I'd suggest using bats swarms and getting the Graf & consort. The bat swarms are perfect for holding up pesky humans with nasty guns until the Graf can eat them. Great post Kaspar.

  4. Well done, great pictures, very atmospheric!

  5. Great stuff! Looking forward to getting my Graf rockin' n' rollin' in our next game...

  6. Great table. Sounds like much fun was had...and congratulations on your wins!