Sunday, November 16, 2014

EotD - New minis

As some of the readers of this blog know I have been testing some house rules for Empire of the Dead in the last couple of months. After testing I have gotten a renewed interest in the game, so of course I had to get some of the minis that I thought missed from my collection.

When I play I hate using minis that don't look like they belong in the period or depict what there are supposed to. That meant getting the Vampires boxed set and some gentlemen with guns. So I placed an order with Firestorm games, and the items arrived this week.

Hopefully I will get around to painting this week. I have been working on another unrelated large project since September that I will create a new blog for. But here are the images of the stuff I got.


Gentlemen with guns (the mini on the far right is the one that there seems to be no image of online)

John Brown


  1. Wow a new faction for you to play with.

    1. I love the minis and this gives me another option

  2. Good stuff, reminds me I still have the gents with guns undercoated hiding at back of painting table...

  3. Yeah Scott - get back into the Victorian age, there are no hobbits there :-)