Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cossacks, Jaegers and French Cavalry

Tuesday two wonderful packages arrives with the mail. One from Perry Miniatures and one from Westwind Miniatures. A few months ago I had previously ordered 24 French infantry, 6 French stragglers, 6 Cossacks cavalry, and 6 Russian peasants, so I needed to bulk up my Russian forces. Despite everyone telling me that the Cossacks were exclusively cavalry, I had seen that some of the test games for White Death on Monty's blog had Cossack infantry. I looked around and settled on Westwind's Dracula's Cossack Guards. The fact that they are dressed in winter clothes is what made me choose them. Also I own some 70 Westwind Empire of the Dead miniatures and have mostly been impressed with the sculpting. There are two sets of the Cossack Guards, one with muskets and one with other weapons. I ordered two blister packs of the ones armed with muskets and one with the other weapons. This will give me 12 Cossack infantry.

I also wanted some more Cossack cavalry, so I ordered two sets of 3 Don Cossacks from Perry Miniatures, which has brought me up to 12 Cossack cavalry. Not shown on the images are the lances that the minis come with.

Recently Perry Miniatures also released Russian Jaegers in winter clothes, and they will also give some added options for the Russians. I had actually bought some Jaegers in my first order, but they are not in winter clothes, so they have not been painted . If anyone is interested in buying these from me throw me a mail.

Lastly Perry also released some French cavalry in the Retreat from Moscow range. I only bought one set of 3 so whether I can use them with my reworking of the Muskets and Tomahawks rules I dont know.


  1. Dear Sir
    FOOT Cossacks are not hard to come by their is heaps of manufacturers doing them ~ Eureka, Old Glory and others .............. dismounted or foot Cossacks appear all over the place through out heaps of ?? centuries?? and in the 1812 campaign I recently read a quote from a French officer in Russia in 1812 saying it was now so called even the Cossacks have dismounted !!