Friday, May 10, 2013

EotD: Sherlock, Watson and the Ripper

So having almost finished my London Docks board, I decided that I would start getting the minis ready that I did not already have for the free Empire of the Dead - Introduction Scenario. I had purchased the minis when one of my friends put in an order for Malifaux and I snug end this small order.

Having cursed many times at the many different parts that almost each Malifaux mini consists of (the new plastics took this to a ridiculous level), it is quite pleasing to see the minis here are in one piece. Only Watson has a separate arm and it is clear that is to give the option of either a gun or a rifle. Excellent work from Andy and Westwind.

Anyway decided to go with the rifle for Watson. Jack the Ripper is from the old Gothic Horror range and comes with a pewter base, so that had to be cut off. The three minis are now primed and I'm really looking forward to getting them painted.


  1. I never played the Ripper intro scenario myself I can't wait to see it played on your board. Watson, solider that he is, looks good with the rifle.

  2. Thanks, I have my first game planned with my friend this Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it.