Wednesday, May 15, 2013

EotD: London Docks - finished board

Finally finally finished with my board for Empire of the Dead. It has taken me roughly a month from my first sketch to the finished product, and hopefully the board will have it's debut this Friday as my friend and I will try out the Quick Rules Sherlock Holmes/Jack the Ripper scenario.

There wasn't much left to do on the board. I needed to repaint the color of the water and then apply a liberal amount of high gloss varnish, which took over two days to dry completely. I also painted the wooden frame of the board all black.

I would still like to have some more accessories on the board, and next month - when finances are back to normal will be getting some Victorian lamp posts. The good people on the Westwind boards have also given me some good suggestions on other items that I could build for the board, which I will look to add at a later point.

So here you go - pictures were taken this morning, so the lighting is not the best. Feel free to leave me comments and if you have any questions about how I have scratchbuild any of the things let me know.


  1. The board looks great Kasper. I can see that naughty kids have stolen the wheels of of carriages and left them laying around. I suggest getting some barrels.

  2. Thanks Robert, they are actually drybrushed LEGO wheels - thought they could be used as markers if nothing else.

  3. Coming along very nicely sir top job!