Friday, October 11, 2019

SALE: Japanese Paratroopers/Teishin Shudan army


Selling my rather large Japanese Paratroopers/Teishin Shudan army. This is a force to be reckoned with - I have never lost a game with them. This is not your usual Japanese army and will they bring something different to the gaming table, both visually and ruleswise.

The minis are all from Company B and all metal. The sculpts are a bit crude, but with a lot of character - they have been painted to a good quality level.
They are all based on 25mm washers. Some of the minis have been added smgs and some have been altered to give them smgs.

The vehicles are all 3D printed except the Kurogane scout car (Warlord Games).

Figures (Bolt Action listings):
HQ + 1 man
Air Observer + 1 man (Mitsubishi Zero fighter is used as your air attack marker)
4 x 8 man squads, 3 smgs, 1 lmg, the rest rifles
1 x 6 man engineer squad, 1 smg, 1 flamethrower the rest rifles
MMG team
Medium Mortar team with spotter
2 x Suicide Kamikaze bombers
Anti-tank rifle team
Flamethrower team
Artillery crew 3 men, with mountain gun or medium anti-tank gun.
Total 60 figures

Chi-Ha and turret to make it a Chi-Ha Shinhoto
Type 97 tankette (counts as an armoured car)
Kurogane scout car with mmg
3 x Kurogane pick-ups
2 x Light Truck
Total: 10 vehicles with 1 extra turret option

HQ vignette with paratrooper equipment canisters.

Price £450 incl. postage

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