Wednesday, October 16, 2019

SALE: Fantasy Ancients collection - new price

Have a large collection of 28mm ancients with fantasy figures that I want to sell. This collection is around 150 figures, 7 cavalry, Roman Scorpion, Egyptian chariot, 4 monsters.

The infantry consists of roughly the following:

- Romans, 16 figures, scorpion and 5 war dogs
- Pathians, 12 figures and 7 cavalry
- Egyptians, 19 figures incl. Mummies and chariot
- Dacians, 20 figures incl. Vampire and ghouls
- Greeks/Argonauts, 14 figures incl. Hercules
- German Barbarians, 20 figures incl. Wolfmen
- Monsters, 6 skeletons, hydra, minotaur, chimera and 5 harpies
- Roman civilans, 10 figures
- Statues, 6 figures

Figures are from Foundry, Warlord (plastic and metal), Black Tree, Aventine and Westwind and more.

This is everything and more you could ever need to play fantasy ancient skirmishes. The minis have all been collected with the Broken Legions rules in mind, but can of course be used for anything you want.

Price: £300 incl. shipping

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