Tuesday, July 16, 2019

SALE: WW2 Winter Romanians


Selling my barely used WW2 Winter Romanian army. The minis are all very well painted and based on 25mm washers except the two minis lying down.

The minis are all from Great Escape Games and are all metal. The TAC Resita anti-tank gun is also from Great Escape Games. The STUG is from Rubicon and the SdKfz 222, TACAM R-2 Tank Destroyer, and Panzer 38 are 3D printed.

The minis consists of the following 68 minis:

- Leader w/SMG
- Medic w/pistol
- 12 SMGs
- 32 Riflemen
- 6 LMGs
- Medium Mortar w/3 crew and spotter
- MMG w/3 crew
- Sniper team
- TAC Resita anti-tank gun w/4 crew and spotter
- TACAM R-2 crew (mounted on the tank)

Looking to get £300/330 Euros for the whole lot. Shipping worldwide will be £15/17 Euros - untracked.

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