Thursday, July 4, 2019

Indian Mutiny - A Sigh of Relief

Yesterday evening we got around to trying out our tweaked Fistful of Lead rules - with tweaked meaning that we tried to include units 6 man strong, but keep some individual figures as heroes.

This was actually the second game of testing as I had had a game on Sunday, where we found out that certain things did not work. So this game would incorporate the changes from that game.

The scenario "A Sigh of Relief" was lifted from The Men Who Would Be Kings rulebook. An immovable object - in this case a broken down wagon - is placed in the middle of the table and part of the defenders force must protect it until reinforcements arrive. The attacker of course has to overrun the object.

I played the British/HEIC and placed my leader Capt. Saunders with a group of Gurkhas and a group of Sikhs with the broken down wagon. Two groups of Neill's Blue Caps, a group of civilians and two heroes would be the reinforcements.

My friend Jon played the mutineers, and had a force which included regular sepoys, sepoy riflemen and badmashes.

Despite the reinforcements arriving swiftly, the defending escort was coming under pressure fast from the unrushing mutineers.

What followed was a fun game, where we got a few more rules fixed and adjusted.

The mutineer clearly won, especially after Capt. Saunders was slain by a group of bloodthirsty badmashed.

We will definately have a more games with the rules.