Monday, January 2, 2017

Roman Civilians

A few months ago I purchased 10 Roman Civilians from - I wanted some minis to represent the characters in our Cthulhu Invictus RPG, and these were cheap and showed a lot of different types. I think I will be able to use them in future home brewed scenarios for Broken Legions as well.

Judging from the images of the painted minis I was unsure about the quality of the sculpts, and I must admit that I was not pleasantly surprised. These are among the worst sculpts that I have painted. The details are minimal and often the feet and hands are just lumps of meat. This meant that I had to exaggerate some of the highlighting compared to my normal painting style.

Once they were painted and based they look alright I think. But having just finished painting my Parthians from Aventine the difference in sculpt quality is huge. Still it is a cheap deal and they will size wise blend in with Crusader, Aventine, Warlord etc.

So not highly recommended but still recommended for the value for money.

For the pictures I tried to make it look like nighttime.


  1. I had a similar experience with some Gripping Beast monks. Good thing they only costed me 3€

    1. It really is a question of you get what you pay for. But for board filler they are more than adequate.

  2. Happy New Year and nice brush work despite your displeasure at the sculpts Kaspar. They have still don't out very serviceable in the end.