Thursday, January 12, 2017

Broken Legions - Argonauts

Got these wonderful minis for Christmas. With the exception of the Oracle (an old D&D mini, repained and altered a bit), they are all from Foundry's World of Greeks range.

The Argonauts or Cult of Hera is the greek warband in Broken Legions. Similar to the Sons of Spartacus, this warband does not contain the heroes associated with the original Argonauts, but instead has types similar to them. I think this is a clever way from the author to incorporate a few more centuries of ancient heroes. This makes it possible to pit an elite Roman warband against the Argonauts.

The sculpts are excellent and they paint up were nicely. I went for the same look that the minis have on the Foundry website as I think it looks cool.

This is likely to be the last warband I do for Broken Legions for some time. I have all the warbands in the book with the exception of the Sons of Spartacus, so I am more than covered.

While we enjoy our games, we have changed some of the rules to what we thinks give a better game. I am surprised that Broken Legions have not really taken of and become more popular. Maybe it drowned in the hype of Congo and Konflikt 47. But this is a game that is very good, and which should grab many gamers' imagination. I use a lot of the scenarios from Frostgrave as there are some similar goals to the game. In Frostgrave the wizards look for treasure and magic, while in Broken Legions the warbands look for artefacts, so it is very easy to convert scenarios from Frostgrave to Broken Legions - and the Frostgrave scenarios are superior to the ones in Broken Legions.

Anyway here are some pictures of the warband I took the other evening.

 The Argonauts

Oracle, Argonaut Captain, Heraclean champion


 Mercenary Archers

Mercenary Hoplites


  1. I have a lot of the Foundry Greek Myths figs...they are, indeed, lovely!

  2. Wow, superb looking Argonauts and hoplites!

  3. THey look fantastic. I look forward to a battle report with them in it. Broken Legions is on my radar for later in the year - I have all the figures, they just need to be painted!