Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Colonials: Sikh Infantry

This is another unit that I have just finished and which will be used for my own version of The Men Who Would Be Kings. When writing my Christmas wishlist I opted for the Sikh rather than Punjabi, remembering what Watson tells Holmes and Jonathan Small in the Granada version of The Sign of Four "I know the Sikh and they are not to be trifled with".

The minis are once again from Artizan Designs and are excellent sculpts and paint up easily. The officer is from the officers pack that I also got for Christmas.

Again they may not be the most historically correct for the 1897 Pathan Uprising, but I don't really care the minis are great and what I have.

They have been painted in very much the same way as the British Infantry of my previous post.


  1. More great figs! You're making me impatient to get mine sorted!

    1. Thanks Gordon - get to it :-)
      Should have pictures of the Guides taken in the next couple of days.