Monday, February 8, 2016

Colonial: British Infantry

This is my first adventure into Colonials. As mentioned in my plans for 2016 I will pick up the Osprey rules The Men Who Would Be Kings when it is published in the Summer. But rather than wait for the rules I have been adapting the Lion Rampant rules from the small bits of information that the author Dan Mersey and some of the playtesters have revealed.

My friend Frank and I decided on the North West Frontier, more specifically the 1897 Pathan Uprising. Even though Dan Mersey has revealed that a standard regular unit will be 12 man strong and tribal 16 man, we decided from the start to half our unit sizes. That way there would be less of an investment into what is basically unknown territory for us.

For Christmas I was lucky to get some Artizan Design minis from their excellent 2nd Anglo-Afghan War set. Guides, Sikhs, British Regulars and a pack of officers. This meant that I would actually have 8 soldiers and 1 officer for each of my units, but I will only be needing 5+1.

After cleaning and basing, I set about finding a primer colour that would be as close to the light khaki colour that I wanted. Several inquiries on made me choose the Skeleton Bone from Army Painter. I have used their primers before and they are IMO very good.

With the priming done I set about the painting job itself. In front of me I had the colour plates from Michael Barthorp's The Frontier Ablaze book, but I must admit that some of the straps and the like I am not sure whether I have painted correctly. Whether the fact that the minis are meant for the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War and not the Pathan Uprising has anything to do with it I don't know.

The final result is something that I am pleased about. As a Dane these guys look like colonial Brits to me and they will no doubt do the same for Frank.

For the pictures I tried something different than the usual shot of the finished minis on my painting station or on a dull background. The end result is more appealing I think, but let me know what you think.

As always comments are much appreciated and are always read. I will gladly reply to each comment, but I am not sure whether the original commentator returns to see if there has been a reply.

Next up will be the Sikhs or the Guides whichever I get to take some photos off next.


  1. They look great! Can't wait for TMWWBK! I've been steadily building up my Artizan NWF over the last year...just need to get them painted up before September (they're next on the list after my last lot of Frostgrave/Dragon Rampant figs).

    1. Thanks Gordon,
      Looking forward to seeing your minis all painted up.

  2. Looks great Kaspar! Backdrop looks great I must try something similar myself!

    1. Thanks Simon. The backdrop is just a printed piece of A3. There are numerous huge image files available for free that can be used.

  3. very well painted and look "natural". Wonder if there are any more ... Loking forward to see more and more