Sunday, February 14, 2016

Colonials: Guides

Here are the pictures of the last colonials that I currently have - which will hopefully change soon.

These are the Guides from Artizan Designs - again lovely minis and very easy to paint up. The minis themselves are a mix of sikhs and punjabs and unlike the other two units that I have these are not in boots but native style shoes, which makes them easy to identify for non-colonial history buffs like me. The officer is, like the other units, from the officers pack that I got - and is among the coolest looking minis in the Artizan range.

Hope you enjoy them, as I am very satisfied with the final look of the unit.


  1. What a great looking unit, fabulous work Sir.

  2. Another fine addition dude they look great :)

  3. Brilliant! Your NWF stuff is growing quickly!