Saturday, January 9, 2016

SALE: 1812 - Retreat from Moscow miniatures


I have decided to put all my 1812 - Retreat from Moscow miniatures up for sale. As mentioned in my previous post I have no one to play the game with any more,  so I have made the decision to sell all of it.

The miniatures have all been painted by myself to what I have been told is an excellent tabletop standard. I am very pleased with the look of the minis myself. All the miniatures are of the extremely high quality that Perry Miniatures, Murawski, Westwind and Front Rank provide - they have been a joy to paint.

All of the minis have been painted according the the images provided by the producer. And where that has not been possible I have looked at other blogs for inspiration.

The basing for each mini has been made with a mix of white paint, glue, baking soda and a bit of water. It is really sturdy and really looks like snow.

Here is a picture of all the minis:

Here is a list of what my Retreat from Moscow collection contains:


Perry Miniatures:
FN 168 (metal)
FN 169 (metal)
FN 170 (metal)
FN 171 (metal)
FN 172 (metal)
FN 173 (metal)
FN 174 (metal)
FN 175 (metal)
FN 189 (metal)
FN 190 (metal)
FN 193 (metal)
6 x Cuirassier from the plastic box set

Eureka Miniatures:
Marshal Ney

Murawski Miniatures:


Perry Miniatures (all metal):
RN 40
RN 42
RN 47
RN 48
RN 57
RN 58
Rn 71 x 2

Front Rank (all metal):
2 x RN 48
2 x RN 49
RN 54
General Platov

Westwind Productions (all metal):
1 x
2 x

The price is £350 for the lot.

Postage within the EU will be around £40.

Here is everything you'll need to play Napoleons Retreat from Moscow. I will provide you with my own ruleset based on Muskets and Tomahawks - this will not be a badly layout word-fil, but a full layout pdf.

Let me know if you interested, you can contact me via the comments field or more directly via email - kaspar.olesen