Monday, January 18, 2016

Broken Legions - Dacians

In Broken Legions the Dacians represent the opportunity to field Strigoi (vampire) and ghouls alongside falx wielding warriors and Dacian nobles. As a huge fan of classical gothic monsters the Dacians warband was something I wanted to do from the start.

I first started with the Dacian Falxmen from Warlord Games - this gives you more than enough basic parts to create both the regular warriors, falxmen and the chieftain. I had some old Westwind Vampire Wars nosferatu which I thought would be well suited for the Strigoi that is available for the warband. Some of the always useful Mantic Games Ghouls were set aside for... well ghouls. This meant that I only needed some cap wearing men to take the role of Dacian Nobles - and an enquiry on lead to me getting the different parts that I needed.

With the exception of the Dacian Nobles everything has been in place since the beginning of December, but the birth of my second girl put a brief damper on my hobby time. Early January I got the nobles bits and I was ready to start assembly. 

The paint job was finished over the weekend - three days of painting all in all. The Warlord Games Dacians are not that detailed but represent great value and Dacians are not easy to come by, so the painting is fairly basic - base coats and Army Painter Soft Tone shading. I have tried to use the same colours on the minis to try and give them a more uniform look without making them look like Roman troops.

I am having a bit of a rekindled interest in Empire of the Dead, so when these will go on the table I am not sure, but I am looking forward to it. The Dacians are probably also the last warband I will create for Broken Legions until the final book is released.

Anyway onto the pictures.

 The entire warband

Chieftain and Strigoi

 Dacian Nobles





  1. Great stuff! Really looking forward to the release of these rules!

  2. Now they're a fearsome bunch, great job.